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Since the beginning of this month, I’ve been talking to different people I trust in my life to see if they can provide me with an honest assessment of how I should be doing and what I can do to set myself up for a successful year of freelance. Some who’ve done freelance full-time or started a business, others who work great full-time jobs! Uncertainty and anxiety plagued me pretty much every day but I’ve managed to shake free(mostly) and gain a clear picture of the road ahead.

My folks who I also consulted, weren’t entirely fond of the idea of a freelance career. Both of them worked as freelancers in the film industry. My mom worked hair and make-up and my dad worked as a cameraman. They’re fears are rooted in very real life experience. I remember my dad constantly on the phone at dinner, never off the clock, having to work whenever work presented itself and my mom being left to take care of my brother and I for many weeks at a time. Freelance offers a feeling of freedom over what you choose to dedicate your time to, but if you have to dedicated all your time to just trying to find the next contract, that freedom becomes a trap.

What I’m gathering as this journey continues is that freelance is a lifestyle choice. Just like being a vegetarian or deciding to become a runner. It requires you to make adjustments to habits that you might have had all your life. I personally have a lot of habits I need to unlearn and others I need to learn in order to maintain this lifestyle sustainably. One thing that’s for sure, is its been an interesting journey so far and I’m excited for more!

I consider myself a bit of a creativity nut! I love to learn and have others teach me about their passions!

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